Course Details

Dress Code

Callahan Golf Links asks all its patrons to please dress appropriately when coming to the golf course. The following code applies to all female, junior, and male patrons unless otherwise noted:

  • Blue jeans or denim are allowed.
  • Sweat pants material will not be allowed, in shorts or pants.
  • No cut-off shorts of any kind are allowed.
  • All shirts for men must have a collar or be a mock turtle neck type shirt.
  • No crew neck shirts or t-shirts are allowed.
  • No t-shirts, swim suits, or tank tops are allowed on the course or driving range.
  • All juniors 12 years or older will be required to follow the men’s dress code.
  • No t-shirts allowed for junior golfers under the age of 12. Golf shirts with collars are preferable.
  • All golf shoes must have plastic spikes. No metal or athletic spikes are allowed.

Cart Policy

All operators of Callahan Golf Links carts must have a valid driver’s license and be at least 16 years of age. Riders of golf carts that are not actually playing golf still must pay a nominal fee to ride a golf cart.

Daily cart rules will be posted based on weather conditions. During dry course conditions the 90 degree rule will be in affect. All players with carts will travel up the cart path until they are even with their golf balls. Then the cart is to go directly across the fairway at a 90 degree angle to the golf ball. After the ball is hit the cart is to return to the cart path and continue to the next golf ball.

When the cart approaches the green, the golfers will see a sign instructing the carts to return to the cart path. Once this sign is reached, carts may get no closer to the green.

During wet conditions all carts will be restricted to the cart path only.

Pace of Play

Callahan Golf Links pace of play is rated at 4 hours and 10 minutes. Course marshals are in place to insure that this pace is kept seven days a week. If a group falls out of line with the rest of the field, the following methods will be used by the golf shop staff and the course marshals to encourage slow groups to pick up the pace of play:

  1. Course marshals will investigate the situation by driving in front of and behind the group in question.
  2. A verbal warning will be given by the course marshal to the group in question. The verbal warning will include a targeted nine hole time, the amount of minutes the group is currently behind pace, and the number of holes behind the group directly ahead.
  3. A second verbal warning will be given. The group will also be put on notice that if another visit by the course marshal is necessary, they will be required to skip one hole.
  4. In the unfortunate circumstance that the three previous warnings do not solve the slow play issue, the group will be respectively asked to leave the golf course and the green fees will be refunded.

Food & Beverages

  1. No outside food or beverage is allowed during normal play.
  2. No coolers are allowed.
  3. Beer is allowed but must be purchased from the pro shop or cart girl. A valid Driver’s License is required.

Miscellaneous Rules

1. Fivesomes are allowed only with permission from the pro shop.

Black: yards 6839

Blue: yards 6382

White: yards 5535

Red: yards 4375


4991 Reinhardt College Parkway, Waleska, GA 30183